International Music Summit

Hosted at Uno Village, the International Music Summit aims to bring together electronic music’s best and brightest in order to strengthen the industry and assist professionals in taking their careers to the next level. Offering a crash course in electronic music through day and night activities, events, workshops and discussions, IMS holds annual conferences in cities across the world, setting up in Ibiza, Los Angeles and Shanghai as well as Malta.

Aiming to offer a “360-degree, face-to-face learning experience”,  IMS is organised and led by industry figureheads, and covers all sectors of electronic music. Intended to be both engaging and educative, interesting and practical, the summit offers rare insight into every facet of working in the music business, with talks and workshops tailored towards offering a comprehensive set of topics from the creative side through to business management. Also bringing in some of the top artists for the night time parties, International Music Summit acts as a reminder that working hard and playing hard need not be mutually exclusive.



Upcoming Events